Avon's True Blue IQ Breakfast

How cute is my personalised robe?!
Celebrity make-up artist Adam De Cruz demonstrated how to skilfully apply your foundation.
I love all things personalised and so this setting was dreamy!
I had a tutorial session with Adam and he blended two different foundation shades to find the perfect colour for my skin tone.

I recently attended a blogger breakfast for the launch of Avon’s new foundation range – True Colour Blue IQ. Using newly created technology, they are now able to help you find the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone, one that will last throughout the day. Quite frankly, it sounded really cool!

I only ever wear foundation on special occasions because my skin is quite sensitive and I tend to break out if I wear it too often. I know it will benefit my skin in the long run, but sometimes a girl wants to feel made up! Adam helped me find the perfect shade for my skn using two different foundations – (golden) Sun Beige and (neutral). As I (hopefully) get more tanned throughout the summer, I’ll just have to use less of the Creamy Natural as it is slightly lighter than the Sun Beige.

It was a delightful way to start the morning, a huge thank you for having me Avon


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