A few nights ago I was lucky enough to wine and dine at an exquisitely classic Italian restaurant in Mayfair called Babbo. I was accompanied by Camila and Nina, who also have a soft spot for divine food.

We had a glass of champagne when we arrived which went deliciously with fresh bread that we dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We usually like to order a few starters, mains and desserts so we can all share and try a range of new flavours.

As a starter, we shared burrata cheese which came along with tomato and basil, salmon served with mango, hazelnut, and lemon dressing and lastly, a crab salad that comprised of beetroot, hazelnuts, Goat's cheese and honey dressing. If you were to pick one, I would say to go for the crab salad – the perfect pick for seafood lovers (which I am).

As a main course we had the Grilled Chianina T-Bone steak, Polenta gnocchi served with borlotti beans and the scallops which were served with lentil, purple kale, scorched onion, caviar and red pepper oil. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Once again, I’m a major seafood fanatic and so I’d say go for the scallops – perfection!

To finish off the evening with dessert, we shared the liquid centre chocolate pot and the catalan cream which was served with pistachio touille. I am a die-hard chocolate fan, and so I know a good chocolate dessert when I taste one. This chocolate pot had to be the best I have ever had – no exaggeration.

My mouth is watering just writing this all out, I definitely look forward to my next visit to Babbo for some more impeccable Italian cuisine. 

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