Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Beauty have re-imagined the brand’s 3 divine perfumes in a new petite 30ml bottle, each with a unique personality behind them. I am thrilled to share that they have matched me with the fabulous Bikini Questa Sera perfume and my very own bespoke shoes, that relates to the personality. 

I have been a Christian Louboutin fan since I attempted to start wearing heels as a young teen, although I’ve never owned a pair of my own. What better way to have a first pair than a bespoke pair?!

Bikini Questa Sera is inspired by the feeling of being on holiday – the sun on your skin and taking you from the heat of the day to the hazy summer nights. The perfume's scent features a nostalgic touch of summer and is slightly strong, making it perfect for the evening too.

This is an exquisite start to my 2018. New year, new me? More like new year, new fragrance!

A *massive* thank you to the Louboutin team, I will continue to sparkle inside and out.


Photos by Moeez Ali


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