London Fashion Week - PINGHE

I was so pleased to be invited to attend the PINGHE A/W ’14 fashion show on the opening day of London Fashion Week; February 14th. The collection consisted of 26 eye-catching looks, each uniquely different. Reds, golds & metallics is what I vividly remember; wools, furs and a whole lot of cool high-top sneakers.

I arrived about 1.5 hours before the show started, in order to experience the backstage action. I was there to observe & take photos, absorbing the PINGHE fashion mania. There were 3 make-up stations with stacks of products on each table. With about 5 models per station, there were make-up artists, hair stylists, and manicurists working on each model, all at once on some of the models. There were two long rails in the middle of the room with all 26 looks that were about to hit the runway, all neatly hung with the models names on each look.

Strangely enough, there was such a calm aura in the room, the opposite of how I imagined the backstage set-up would be. Everyone seemed relaxed, walking around slowly and there was barely and chatting going on. It was quite soothing. I strolled around the large room, taking photos and watching the detail that is put into each model’s look.

I took many, many photos of the show from my camera & phone. However, I feel that as the photos were taken from the side of the runway, and not from in front of the models, the photos don’t do justice to the detail of the collection. Therefore, the images above are taken from

My favorite piece is the heavy, wool, red sweater. It’s so strikingly gorgeous! I look forward to the sweater hanging on the racks of Harvey Nichols in the Autumn, you’ll definitely see me in there looking for it!