Never Fail Your Nails

A fashion rule I never break? A presentable manicure – nails are so important. You could be dressed astonishingly, but chipped nail polish will completely ruin it for me. 

When it comes to nail polish, I always match my finger nails with my toe nails. It may seem time consuming to always give yourself a pedicure when giving yourself a manicure, but it's so worth it to me. Not matching my finger and toenails is like wearing socks that don’t match, it just looks wrong and lazy. You know what they say, practice makes perfect – the more often you do it, the better you get and the quicker it goes. 

I feel naked without nail polish – my hands and toes feel so bare. It doesn't necessarily have to be a bold color, I have days where I want a natural tone, but I literally never go without anything on there. 

I use a base and top-coat that have a strengthener to keep my nails healthy and strong. At the moment I'm using one by Essie, and I'm very pleased with the outcome. My nails are long are firm, I would highly recommend it - get it here

Moving on to the shape of my nails, I switch between a square tip and a circular one. I find a circular one makes your fingers look longer and more lady-like, so recently I have been sticking to that. Regarding cuticles, I barely get them only because I moisturize my hands several times a day, making sure my finger tips are touched on. Carry around a travel size hand moisturizer and you will be saying good-bye to those annoying cuticles!

Most girls (including me) love to be treated to a mani-pedi in a salon, but this is only once in while for two reasons. Firstly, as a student, I can't be spending £35 twice a week (yes, I give myself mani-pedis twice a week). Secondly, it's even more time consuming to have to make my way to a salon that I'm happy with twice a week – university, an internship and my blog take up the majority of my time. 

Above are a few photos of the variation of nail colors that I favor. The brands that I use are Essie and Maybelline (Color Show) – they barely chip and last until my next mani-pedi.


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