Outfit Post #101: Royal Blue

The oversized blazer has become one of my favourite garments to wear daily – make it in my ultimate favourite colour and you’ve got a customer for life.

Even though I am very feminine in many ways, I usually tend to have a hint of tomboy in a range of my looks. Whether it be loose trousers, a tailored blazer or an oversized shirt, there is something so appealing with having an edge to the usual girly-girl look.

This blazer from Fashion Bunker has catered to the need to feel feminine, tailored and sophisticated – add loose leather trousers and a buttoned up shirt to get that touch of tomboy that I like. 

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Blazer from Fashion Bunker
Shoes (available here)
Rings by Edge of EmberLove Is & Shashi
Shirt (similar here)
Trousers (similar here)
Bag (similar here)

Photos by Cristiana Malcica