Outfit post #15: Blue Palm Trees

I am spending my Christmas holidays back in my hometown, The Gambia. The weather is what I consider to be perfect, around 30 degrees Celsius daily. Vacation in The Gambia to me is spending my time bronzing up by the pool & beach, catching up with childhood friends and tastefully experiencing mom’s home-cooked meals. I aim to savor each moment; before I know it, it’ll be back to the books in London.

Not only is it lovely to have time off, but being on holiday in a warm country means back to summer outfits for the next two weeks! The following outfit posts will consist of the wonderfully light clothing we all wish we could wear during the harsh winters out there.

Croptop, Sunglasses & Purse by ASOS
Skirt by Zara
Shoes by Dolce & Gabbana