Outfit Post #210: A Gray Day

Tailored pieces are always going to be classics. Women have been wearing suit co-ords as a look or the blazer and trousers as separates since we can all remember. This is pleasing to know as you illuminate the risk of tailored items in your wardrobe getting outdated.

Even if I know I’ll never wear something ever again I hate giving things away because I always think, but what if it becomes trendy again? My flat’s storage isn’t endless though, so things have unfortunately got to go if I want new things to come in.  

I bought the blazer I’m wearing above 6 years ago and I still find myself wearing it regularly. I loved the loose fit so much that I got it in pink as well. Tailored clothing are items I’d recommend to invest in, as you’ll probably wear them for years on end. 


Photos by Moeez Ali & Mohammed Abdulle
www.instagram.com/moeeztali & ​www.instagram.com/mabdulle


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