Outfit Post #53: Grungy Chic

There is nothing I feel more comfortable in than an edgy look – something grungy yet chic. Although it’s summer and getting quite warm in London, I can’t help but continue to wear black on a regular basis. I do switch it around though; dressing fresh and colourful one day, and wearing nothing but black another. Whenever this is the case, I usually add a garment that breaks the all-black look, adding spice and making the look more interesting. In this case, it’s my new high top Miu Miu sneakers. As they’re white with a hint of red, I matched my lipstick to give off a sense of consistency. The result? An unpredictable and eye-catching outfit.

Continuing on to my accessories, I find my ENKAY purse very unique and out of the norm. It’s handy, as there’s quite a lot of room in there, but it also looks cool. It’s not the kind of purse you’d see everyday, and that’s why I love it. I like having garments that stand out and aren’t too mainstream. 

To shop this look, simply click on the blue words below ♥

Blazer by Zara (similar here)
Top by Topshop 
Purse by ENKAY
Shorts by Zara (similar here)
Shoes by Miu Miu (similar here)

Photos by David Nyanzi