Outfit Post #85: Soft Pink

Today I get more in touch with my feminine side with a few shades of soft pink.

I don’t wear dresses often as you have probably noticed. But when I do, there has to be something special about it. This adorable Peggy Hartanto light blue dress has such a sense of calm and simple elegance to it, I knew I’d be saving it for a day where I want to tone edgy down a notch and dress more playfully delicate.

I matched the soft blue dress with soft pink garments to maintain a harmonic vibe. This gorgeous Clic jewels clutch suited this outfit seamlessly, adding a touch of flirtation with the dainty tassels along the side. Each bag made by Clic Jewels is actually one of a kind, they only make one of each. It’s nice to know I won’t be bumping into anyone with the same bag anytime soon – not particularly fond of when that happens! 

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Dress by Peggy Hartanto
Coat (similar here)
Bag by Clic Jewels
Shoes (similar here

Photos by Cristiana Malcica