Time to Dine

I went for a lovely lunch to Gigi’s in Mayfair with Nina and Camilla last week. It was a delightful afternoon filled with scrumptious food and joyful company.

We ordered 3 starters, 3 main courses and 2 desserts to share. Honestly, everything was divine! If I were to recommend one of each, I would say go for the Roasted Octopus as a starter, the Wild Cornish Sea Bass as a main course and the Tiramisu for dessert. These were my 3 favorite dishes out of the 8 we tried - all infused with impeccable flavor that lasted all afternoon.  

The wall outside the restaurant was covered in dainty Christmas lights that really got us in the holiday mood. There were cosy couches and chairs to relax on while we got fresh air after our meal too. 

Overall, I had splendid time at Gigi’s – the service, food and atmosphere was top notch.  

Nina and Camilla are friends of mine that I met a few months ago in the London blogger scene. Check out their blogs for fabulous fashion and lifestyle inspiration. 

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