Top Looks of 2014

Based on the amount of views, likes and comments my outfit posts have generated – I present the top 15 looks of 2014.

I must say that 2014 has been an incredible year for my blog, it has been growing month by month and I owe it all to you. What started as a hobby has grown into an intense passion that I could not live without. The blog has been up and running for 15 months now and I could not have been more pleased with all the support and following I get from all of my readers. An enormous thank you goes out to you!

Also, a huge thanks to all the photographers and brands I have worked with over the past year – my content wouldn’t be what it is without you.

A special thanks to Cristiana Malcica, the photographer I work with most frequently. We started this journey together and I’m so eagerly curious where it will lead us. You are so incredibly talented and I’m so grateful we met my first week in London!